New Construction 11th Month Warranty Inspection: Dirty Air Filter – Sarasota/Bradenton
Me: Do you happen to have any replacement air filters for your air handler?
Owner: No… I’ve been meaning to pick one up.
Me: Ahh… I’m not going to put this filter back in the air handler and I will just leave it right here as a reminder. Blowing mold around the house is probably worse than running without a filter for the day.
Owner: That could make someone sick!
Me: Yes! You are right about that.
A dirty air filter can produce a restriction in airflow which prevents proper condensation drainage down the coil. That condensation then drips onto the dirty filter, mixes with the cellulose based dust and the conditions become perfect for mold growth. Food, Water and Temperature.
Home ownership comes with considerable maintenance requirements that are often unknown, unrealized or neglected. Deferred maintenance almost always results in bigger problems down the road. In addition to all Phases of New Construction Inspections and Warranty Inspections we also offer Home Maintenance Inspections to help you identify areas of your home that may need a little extra attention before problems get worse.