While performing home inspections in the Sarasota and Bradenton area we experience a vast variety of homes. We inspect new construction, historic homes, manufactured homes, and homes of all ages and styles. Each home tells a story about what its been through and experienced over the years. One of the greatest stories is when equipment and systems were built to last. Recently we inspected a home with a 1987 Coleman package unit air conditioning system that was still blowing cold air to this day. That is 32 years old! The industry average life expectancy for an HVAC condensing unit in Florida is 10-12 years. Routine maintenance, which is commonly neglected, is a big factor in keeping these systems in good working order. Even so, products that have been manufactured more recently are just not built to last. We have become a disposable society where there is minimal incentive to repair when it can just be replaced, and replacement is where the money is for manufacturers and many service providers. The purchase of a home is the greatest investment most people will ever make. We encourage you to love, care for and maintain your investment so that it will retain its value and provide a safe and protective environment for you and your family. Contact us Today for an Annual Home Maintenance Inspection to help identify areas of your home that need attention. www.CornerstoneHomeInspectionGroup.com